Welcome to Burapha University

          When you receive a User Account from the Office of the Computer Center. User Account can use services as follows.

        - Mail
             - Mail for staff (at http://mail.buu.ac.th)
             - Mail for student More Information

        - Wireless Lan  More Information

        - VPN (Virtual Private Network) More Information

        - Lab Computer (for student)

               - Computer Center Building (room 103, 105, 111) Student Affairs, 60th Anniversary Queen 1 Building (QS1) and 60th Anniversary Queen 2 Building (QS2).

        - Authentication System (Before use internet)
              - To follow. Act. on the Computer Crime Act 2550 in accordance to storage of traffic data of users.

        - E-learning  More Information

        - File Server (Server : seashore.buu.ac.th)

          ** User must change password every 180 days. **
             (Please change your password before it expires.)

Computer Center, Burapha Universityy